How to Use Mirrors in the Garden to Add a Feeling of Light and Space

Choose Mirrors In The Garden?

1 ) Frame a quite view or plant

2. Create the illusion of a larger, brighter space

3. Borrow the sunshine, especially useful in a cellar area

4. Conceal and reveal, depending where you place your garden reflect

5. Match the disposition, with coloured frames or styles

Garden mirrors can frame some or create the illusion of a way into another garden.

They give the impression of a larger space and reflect more light into your garden.

You can certainly disguise an ugly wall structure or transform an unattractive fence by reflecting your beautiful garden.

Using garden mirrors you can quickly give a touch of fun or even fantasy.

Select a style to suit your garden or paint or stain to harmonize.

Even the smallest space can be increased with a garden mirror. Outdoor mirrors for gardens, either free standing or fastened to a wall will reflect the light. A carefully positioned mirror could double the interest of a tiny space.

Creating the illusion

It’s important to keep the factor of surprise. Therefore when you are positioning outside the house mirror make sure your own reflection basically staring back at you. We recommend angling the reflect down also to one part. That way you can see garden, grass, greenery, path etc and not your own feet until you are right up to the mirror (the higher the viewer the much longer the illusion).

A closed window looks particularly pretty on a painted wall membrane and together with some Mediterranean planting like olive trees, clipped bay, lavenders etc . will help recreate the sense of a Tuscan or Riviera outdoor patio. You could add some wirework garden furniture to complete the sensation of a garden in some exotic place.

Mirrors enhance a plain brick wall.

Choose the view you want to reflect. Try composing an accumulation of interesting objects to reflect. Avoid a position for you mirror which displays an ordinary or messy area.

Use window frame style garden mirrors to add some style aside of your shed. A gothic window style could add some faded grandeur surrounded by ivy- who would imagine it was just the side of the shed? You could add a windowpane box to the bottom level and several seasonal planting and you are well on the way to creating the illusion of any stylish summer house rather than an utilitarian box. Paint the mirror to match the current window frames to suggest that they really are part of an extension to the house.

Create a process up to the base of the bigger mirrors to reinforce the illusion of a way through. You may add pots of topiary either side of the mirrors to frame the “view” and add the feeling that the Wrought iron style glass mirror gates really links to another part of your garden. Use plants surrounding the edge of the garden mirror to add to the effect and disguise the edges.